I purchased a scooter, and now there's a sale, can I redeem the sale offer?

This depends on the status of your scooter and the time in which it was purchased- some scooters may be received, in-transit or on pre-order. Please read carefully below for each scenario regarding our policy - as mentioned here,



If your order has been received, unfortunately the sales offer cannot be redeemed. Seeing as the scooter has already been purchased and received, Apollo's policy states that any future sales offers are not redeemable. Please keep in mind sales periods such as Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day etc, as there will most likely be sales during these times.



If your order is in-transit when the offer is live and on the website, unfortunately the sales offer is not redeemable. We understand this can be an inconvenience and customer experience is always a priority, however our policy has to be strict here unfortunately.



If your order is a pre-order, has not shipped yet and the offer is live and on the website, you are able to redeem the offer available. For example, if you purchased a scooter at $1,099 and there's a new sales price at $999 for the exact same product, you can redeem the $100 difference. If there's a different offer, for example the same scooter at $1,149 but a free accessories or bundle, you're entitled to pay the extra $50 to obtain the bundle.


Sales are fully under the discretion of Apollo and the exact dates or information regarding future sales do not need to be disclosed by Apollo in advance. Please ask our A-Team if you have any questions regarding the above, always here and happy to help!

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