How can I get spare parts not listed on the website?

You may have noticed that not all spare parts are listed on our website, but that doesn't mean that we don't have the part you need. We have the most common spare parts listed such as inner-tubes and tires, but for more uncommon replacement parts we invite you to reach out to our customer support team by submitting a request (recommended) or you can also send us an email at

Please let us know who you are, what scooter model you need a part for, and which specific part it is you need. If you are not sure of the name of the part, attaching pictures and/or videos is always very helpful. 


Please note: For parts not listed on the website, we prioritize our customers who purchased their scooter from us. If you did not purchase a scooter directly from us and are looking for parts not listed on our website, please keep in mind that we may not have enough stock to be able to sell you that specific part. 

Thank you for your understanding.


- Apollo Scooters Team

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