My charger light is green, but the battery level bar still says it's empty!

Sometimes it can be hard to know who to trust these days. Do you trust your charger, or the display? 


This article will help you determine which one is most accurate, and which one is less accurate to you by running through a couple different options. 


The most common culprit is if the battery voltage setting has changed on your display. To read the full article on how to access your advanced settings and what each one should be set to, please click here


While the scooter is on, press and hold the 'Power' and 'Mode' buttons together for 2-3 seconds until the screen changes. 


Press the 'Power' button again until you reach P3, and use the 'Mode' button to adjust the P3 setting accordingly. 


The correct voltage setting will depend on which scooter you have:

  • Apollo Light or City: 48
  • Apollo Explore, Ghost, 52V Pro and Phantom: 52
  • 60V Pro and Phantom variants: 60


If that setting is correct for your scooter, it's likely the charger that is the culprit. But first, verify the maximum voltage that your scooter is achieving when the charger light turns green. 


When fully charged, the voltage for each battery size is as follows:

  • Apollo Light or City: 54.6
  • Apollo Explore, Ghost, 52V Pro and Phantom: 58.8
  • 60V Pro and Phantom variants: 67.2

Please take a picture of your scooter plugged in, with the charger light green, and include a picture of the maximum voltage your scooter is reaching. 

Please send an email with all pictures to our Support Team who will be happy to assist you in getting a replacement charger. 

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