How long do Apollo scooters last for?

We measure the overall life of a scooter as the life of the battery, the first major component that will have to be replaced! Depending on style of usage, you can expect to have parts replaced at varying times. 

All parts below are replaceable. All numbers below are variable based on riding/charging style, use of the scooter, and proper storage. These figures are not guarantees, but approximate estimates meant to help give you an idea of what normal maintenance looks like over time.



BREAK PADS: Around 500km (300 miles) on average

INNER TUBE: First flat in around 3-6 months (highly variable, can happen in normal use as soon as 1 month in)

TIRE SHELL: Highly variable depending on riding style, 1-2 years on average



BATTERY: 600 charge cycles (less if stored improperly/if fast chargers are used

MOTOR: Indefinite (BLDC Motors are beautiful things!)

FRAME: Indefinite barring damage or corrosion

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