What is Route shipping protection?

Your shipments are important and that is why we have brought Route on board to provide you with the ultimate shipping experience. With Route, your package will be covered from end-to-end, provides a hassle-free and speedy claims process in the event that your package is damaged, lost in-transit or stolen and will alert you with real-time updates throughout your shipping journey.


Route makes this process much easier than the "traditional" process and can be accessed through their easy to use phone app.


Do note that you can opt-out of this coverage during the checkout process or anytime before your order receives a tracking number (beginning of the shipping journey). Rest assured, without Route shipping protection Apollo will still be there to help every step of the way if an issue arises.  In terms of the "traditional" claims process, this will be done with the courier service and at times can take many weeks to resolve. With Route, this resolution is drastically cut down as their on average resolution is anywhere between 24-hours to minimum 7 days, depending on the type of claim.


If you have any further questions about Route shipping protection feel free to reach out to our A-Team at support@apolloscooters.co



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