What kind of throttle/display does Apollo use? What is the throttle/display's part number?

The throttle and display sets on the Apollo Light, City, Explore, Ghost, Pro, and Ultra are QS-S4 throttles! The QS-S4 throttle looks like this:


The QS-S4 throttle comes with a USB port in the rear for charging and firmware purposes. Our throttles are branded, but the part itself is not proprietary, and compatible display/throttle sets can be purchased from other sources under the name QS-S4. The throttle is available from us here:

https://apolloscooters.co/collections/spare-parts/products/apollo-lcd-throttle (USA)

https://apolloscooters.ca/collections/spare-parts/products/apollo-lcd-display-throttle (CAD)


The display manual for the QS-S4 throttle can be accessed in the attachments section of this article. If you have any questions about the throttle, please contact our team at support@apolloscooters.co!

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