Can I get a list of all the advanced settings?

Below is our list of all the advanced/P-settings that you can access on most Apollo Scooters with a standard trigger throttle display:



To access your advanced settings, hold the 'Power' and 'Mode' buttons together for 2-3 seconds while the scooter is on, until the display changes. 


Use the 'Mode' button to change that specific setting, and use the 'Power' button to change to the next setting option (ie: P01 to P02). 


P1: LCD brightness, 1-3

P2: Units km/mi

P3: Battery Voltage, (Light: 48; City: 48; Explore: 52; Ghost: 52; Pro Reg: 52; Pro 60V: 60)

P4: Scooter Shut-off Time: minutes before the scooter shuts off with no activity. Default 5

P5: Unused

P6: Wheel Diameter, Default Light: 8, City: 8.5, Explore: 10, Ghost: 10, Pro: 10.

P7: # of magnets on motor, set to 28

P8: Power Level in speed units, 0 to 100% (display goes to 200, no change from 100 and up. If at 20, max speed will be 20 for example)

P9: Start Method. 0 for zero start, 1 for kick start.

P10: Unused

P11: Electronic braking strength. 0(off) – 5 (high). Default 1, Recommendation 2-3 (if electronic braking strength is set too high, it can throw you off the scooter if you are not careful)

P12: Acceleration. 1(low) – 5 (high). Default 3

P13-14: Unused

P15: Scooter shutdown voltage. Default 39.0 Can be raised to 41.0 V for additional battery protection. Explore/Ghost/Pro 52v set to 42v. Pro 60V set to 50V for additional protection.

P16: Lifetime odometer reset (only up to 100km)

P17: Cruise Control. 0 off, 1 on.

P18-20: Unused



For a specific list on the Apollo Phantom advanced settings, please view our Help Article here:

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