My accessory did not ship with my order

If you have just received your beautiful, brand-new scooter and noticed that your accessory was not in the box - no need to worry, this can happen and is completely normal.


Often times, our fulfillment team prioritizes sending out the scooter first to prevent any further delays with getting your scooter in your hands, as this is the most important part of the order!


If this item is in-stock then our fulfillment team should have this shipped out shortly, therefore keep an eye on your email for a tracking number so you can follow this shipment every step of the way.

If this item is on backorder, then rest assured you have not been forgotten! We have your order in our systems and will get this accessory sent your way the moment we have this in our hands.


If you have any other questions concerning your accessories, feel free to contact our A-Team at  

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