Cannot process payment: Card declined/Zip Code does not match

When performing a large purchase ($1000+), it can be normal for a payment to not go through on the first try. If you're attempting to make a purchase and are experiencing your card being declined or that your zip codes do not match, then follow these steps to help: 


1) Double check that both your shipping and billing information are correct. It is possible that a number or letter was inputted incorrectly which is blocking this payment. Additionally, make sure that your credit card is not linked to a past address, workplace, etc. 


2) Check with your bank. This is a big purchase and more often than not your bank may have flagged this as a fraudulent purchase to protect you. Some banks will send an alert message to ask you to approve the transaction. If your bank doesn't offer this service, reach out to them directly to let them know that this purchase was intentional and then try to place the purchase again. It might help to double check that you're well within your daily spending limit!


3) Use an alternate card or method of payment. 


If you're still experiencing issues after trying all 3 of these options, kindly reach out to our A-Team at and we would be more than happy to help!


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