Apollo Air Display Functions

Our goal with the Apollo Air was to bring a scooter to our lineup that was intuitive and easy to use, which is exactly what we did. On this display, you will find one simple button that offers a variety of features.

Here is a list of how to access these features.


Long Press (3 seconds): Power on/ Power off

Short Press: Change the speed level
- No colour (Level 1) - max speed = 6km/hr

- Green S (Level 2) - max speed = 18 km/hr

- Red S (Level 3) - max speed = 25 km/hr

Two successive short presses: Switch the front and rear lights on/off

Three successive short presses: Activate/deactivate "Cruise: mode.

Eight successive short presses: Access the list of Psettings
- P1 = cruise control on/off
- P2 = speed unit (MPH/KM)
- P3 = Kick to start mode

To cycle through these settings, simply press on your brake lever. To change the actual value within one psetting, simply press on your throttle.


If you have any other questions concerning these functions feel free to reach out to our A-Team at support@apolloscooters.co






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