Can I buy the Phantom directly from you instead of Fluid Free Ride?

As of recently, YES you can now order the Apollo Phantom directly from our website! You can do so directly by using this following link: 

By ordering the Phantom from our website you benefit from our 12 month Warranty and are covered by our Apollo Protection Plan for 24 month!

The Phantom was exclusively available in the US via our partners Fluid Free Ride in 2021, as they were the sole distributor of the Phantom for us. We wanted to utilize Fluid Free Ride's extensive distribution network and service, along with their reputable customer support, to get the Phantom into all our customers hands as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Phantom and Explore will remain available for purchase through Fluid Free Rides! 


Fluid Free Ride are based in Miami, FL and ship for free across the US from their central warehouse in Utah. We're sure you're going to love the Phantom, and will find that you're in good hands with FFR!


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