My key ignition won't turn on the scooter and the center key portion has come loose!

Please note that this guide also applies to the Apollo Pro, Apollo Phantom, or any other scooter with a similar key ignition style.


If your key ignition has come loose, it is likely due to the barrel of the key not being properly aligned with the holster. We recommend the following steps to resolve this issue:


1. Remove the key holster from the handlebars of the scooter - 0:30 to 2:30 of this video guide demonstrates the process needed to take the key ignition off of the handlebars.

2. Remove the side panel of the key ignition, as seen here

3. Place the barrel back in place (this is also demonstrated in the video linked in point 2)


Please contact us at right away if you have any difficulty with this process, or if there are any other issues. Thank you!

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