My charging port is damaged (and my scooter won't turn on!)


Charging ports can get damaged due to accidents, including dropping the scooter on its side. These issues are generally easy to fix, and we can supply parts to help. Here are some recommendations to help get this issue fixed as quickly and as effectively as possible:

1) You will need to buy a new charging port from our website, this can be found here (US) and here (CAN)
2) Follow this video guide in order to replace the charging port:

If you're having difficulty accessing the charging port through the front of the scooter, you may follow steps 1-4 in this video to properly remove the top of the deck, ultimately providing you with more access to these areas:


If the scooter does not turn on after you replace the charging port, you may need to reset the battery. Open the board as seen in the video linked above, find the large connection circled below, unplug it, and plug it back in:

Once this repair process is complete, we highly recommend to fully charge the scooter in order to ensure everything is in working order. If you need further assistance at any point in time, kindly let us know and we'll look into possible arrangements.

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