Promotional/Coupon Code Troubleshooting

Here at Apollo, we run a vast majority of our promotional codes as accessory bonuses. This guide will help you figure out where to enter your promotional code and potentially why your code isn't working.


(1) Where to enter your promotional code?

During the checkout process, once you pass the "Cart" page, you'll see this screenshot below:




Simply click on the "Show order summary" in order to see the "Discount Code" field that will allow you to enter a coupon code to your order.


(2) Coupon code not working? 

There are different reasons a coupon code may not be working. Please try the below cases:


CASE 1: No accessories in your cart

This is the most common reason for an accessory promo code not working. Make sure you have accessories in your cart before placing your order. You get to pick which accessories you get with your scooter!



CASE 2: Code Misspelled

While our codes are not usually case-sensitive, the code you enter must be spelled correctly. For example, in the case below, the correct code is "backtoschool", not "back2school".



For any additional questions, submit a request.

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