Apollo Light/Apollo City/Apollo Explore Kickstand Replacement

Your kickstand may need to be removed if non-functioning or damaged. Here is a guide to removing and replacing your kickstand.

You will need the following tools for this repair:

  • 4mm Allen Key

This guide is applicable for the Apollo Light, Apollo City, and Apollo Explore. For this repair, we strongly recommend elevating your scooter on a box or chair.


STEP 1: Locate the kickstand & bolts

The kickstand is located on the left side of the board. It is held in place by two bolts, both of which can be removed with a 4mm Allen key.



STEP 2: Remove the bolts

Orient yourself so that you face the left side of the deck. Insert your Allen key into the leftmost bolt and turn counterclockwise until completely loose. Repeat with the rightmost bolt.



STEP 3: Remove the kickstand

Once the bolts are sufficiently loose, the kickstand should be removable. Pull out the bolts and put them aside. Once both bolts are removed, the kickstand should follow.



STEP 4: Position replacement kickstand

Align the holes of the replacement kickstand with the holes in your scooter. Ensure that the kickstand is flush with the side of the board. It may help to take one of the bolts and use it as a guide!



STEP 5: Screw in bolts

Insert one of the bolts into the leftmost hole. Using the Allen key, turn counterclockwise to tighten. Repeat with the rightmost hole and second bolt.


You’re done! You have successfully removed and replaced your kickstand.

For any additional questions, submit a request.

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