Apollo Explore Fender Removal/Installation

This guide will show you how to replace the Apollo Explore’s fender if it’s broken or defective.


You will need the following tools for this repair:

  • Phillip's head screwdriver


STEP 1: Locate the fender screws

The Explore’s fender is secured with four bolts on the rear fork of the scooter. Start by locating these bolts, including the ones behind the deck. The screw’s locations are indicated below.



STEP 2: Remove fender screws

Insert a Phillip's head screwdriver into the leftmost bolt. Turn counterclockwise to loosen. Remove screw and set aside. Repeat with the remaining 3 screws.



STEP 3: Remove fender

Lift the fender outward and towards the back. The fender should come cleanly off the rear fork.



STEP 4: Hold new fender in place

Align the screw holes in your replacement fender with those in the fork.



STEP 5: Reinsert bolts and tighten

Reinsert the bolts into the screw holes, starting with the leftmost. Tighten with a Phillip's head screwdriver by turning clockwise. Repeat with remaining 3 screws.


You have now removed and replaced your Explore fender. You’re done!

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