We do our absolute best here at Apollo to forecast and get your scooter to you as quick as possible, but with unforeseen circumstances, being out of stock temporarily can arise. When we run out of a particular model of scooter or when we launch a new model, we place our scooters on preorder. This guide will show you how to tell when your preorder ships:


STEP 1: Check your receipt

Your email receipt should have the expected shipping date of your scooter in its line item, as indicated below. Check the section labeled "Order summary".


Please note that the estimated date on your receipt is the shipping date, not the delivery date.


STEP 2: Check your product page

If you have not received your email receipt, or cannot find it, check the product page of your scooter. Your scooter's expected shipping date should be indicated on the menu on the right-hand side of the top of the page.



STEP 3: Check for an email update

We periodically send email updates on the status of your order, particularly for long preorders. Check your email to see if we've sent one out recently - be sure to also check your spam folder!



STEP 4: Contact us


For any additional questions, submit a request.



**Please note: Depending on availability, your scooter and accessories may ship separately. We try to get all scooters shipped out as quickly as possible first. Rest assured we will fulfill your entire order as soon as we can**


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