Scooter Repackaging - How to Repackage A Scooter

In sensitive cases, we may ask that you send your scooter to our Montreal HQ for repair, which requires repackaging your scooter. Below are our tips and requirements for scooter repackaging.



Each scooter comes in a cardboard box with styrofoam inserts, which we ask that you keep for the duration of the warranty period. Your scooter may be double-boxed. Keeping the box will make it a cinch to send your scooter back to us for repairs if needed! If your scooter's box is not kept, you will have to pay for replacement packaging. Sufficient packaging can cost up to $120 or more, so please do not throw your box away!

UPDATE: As of March 2021, all of our boxes have come labeled with a message saying "keep this box".



Third-party packaging can be procured for a fee from couriers and most hardware stores. Proper third-party packaging includes:

1. A sufficiently large cardboard box (do NOT tape multiple boxes together)

2. Adequate packing material in the box, such as the default styrofoam blocks, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc, to protect the scooter from damage during shipping.

Failure to package the scooter properly may result in serious damage to the scooter during shipping, and may also render the scooter unsafe to handle for the courier, our technicians, and you! Apollo's warranty will not cover any damage sustained to the scooter during shipping when packaged improperly, so please be sure to pack your scooter extremely well.



When supplies are available, you may have the option of purchasing a box directly from Apollo! Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of this option due to limited supply. Replacement packaging costs a flat rate of $120.

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