When will you have the Xiaomi M365 Pro in stock?

Unfortunately we won't be selling the Xiaomi pro's anymore due to customer concerns on the product quality. We've decided to go with two replacements for the Xiaomi Pro:


(1) Apollo Light


Equipped with 35km/h (22 miles) top speed, 35km (22 mile) range and dual suspension, the Apollo light provides much more comfort and quality than the Xiaomi Pro. Yes it's priced slightly higher than the Xiaomi Pro at $999 CAD ($749 USD), but comes with 24 months of warranty (as we're confident of its quality).

Here is the link: https://apolloscooters.co/products/apollo-light


(2) Apollo City


Based on customer reviews and feedback, the Apollo City was preferred due to speed, comfort and quality. The City has 40km/h (25mph) (vs Xiaomi Pro's 25km/h (15mph)), comes with spring suspension (the Xiaomi Pro doesn't have suspension), and full deck lighting for extra visibility.

Here is its link: https://apolloscooters.co/products/apollo-city 

The Xiaomi Pro is a great scooter, but the reason for its popularity is because it was the first mass produced scooter worldwide. Since then, many more powerful, better quality scooters on the market that offer better specifications have entered the market.

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