My order says shipped and I have a tracking number, but it says "waiting for pick-up", is this normal?

Within 1-3 business days of placing your order, our warehousing team creates a shipping label and puts it on your scooter's box. All scooters are then loaded onto pallets and picked-up by UPS and other couriers at 3PM Monday through Friday. Because we operate in large volumes, UPS/other couriers load them onto their freight trucks and the units are brought to a sorting facility, where they remove the units from the pallet, scan the shipping label and commence the shipping process to you.

There are times that our pallets of products stay in the UPS/other courier sorting facility for an additional 24-48 hours waiting to be scanned and sent out. Unfortunately this is out of our control. If your shipping label has been created and a tracking number has been sent to you, rest assured, this means your unit will be out of the Apollo doors within 24 hours and is on the way.

For any additional questions, submit a request.

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