What is the difference between Apollo and Zero Scooters?

We like to answer this question by first saying that we thought Zero was a fantastic foundation, but being a Singaporean brand, the quality standards were made for and controlled by the Asian markets. In Canada and the US, customers expect better QC, support and warranty. With that in mind we worked directly with the factory behind Zero, to  incorporate a number of upgrades we saw as absolutely necessary such as using forged aluminum (vs regular die-cast) and having IP54 water resistance ratings. At the end of the day, you will have to choose between an Apollo and a Zero. The question will come down to which company can stand behind their product for longer and why, and the answer to that question will always be us as no other scooter brand offers 12 months of warranty + a 24 month protection plan that covers cost of wear and tear parts , and best of all a 7 day a week dedicated customer service team that will always be there to help with any inquiry or post-purchase questions.

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